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My journey towards becoming a Professional Educator has taken over 30 years.  In 1980, I received my BS in Math from Georgia Tech and immediately entered graduate school in the Math Department at NC State with the idea that I was going to become a professor.  While a senior at Georgia Tech and a graduate student at NC State, I taught freshmen level Algebra and Trigonometry and Calculus.  I have a passion for teaching Math and was told by Math department faculty that I was one of their better instructors.  However, I was quickly wooed away by IBM while working a summer internship and left teaching behind while finishing my MS under a graduate work-study program.  Over the years, I became particularly concerned by the number of people I had contact with daily who were incapable of performing simple math tasks.  I have friends and family members who were “lost” learning Math at early ages and struggled through later schooling. In January 2012 after a 30-year career with IBM, I retired in order to pursue an “encore” career in which I could give back to the community in some way involving Math Education, and in particular, I wanted to help younger students before they got defeated and convinced they could not “do Math”.

Having only taught at the college level to engineering students, students who already possessed strong Math skills and aptitude, I knew that I needed to develop a more thorough understanding of the current K-12 education systems, instructional skills and classroom management techniques in order to become an effective math educator to young students struggling to learn Math.  My evaluation of graduate programs led me to TWU’s MAT program, and I enrolled in the Fall of 2012 seeking certification in Math 4-8.  My preference is to teach Math in a manipulative and technology rich environment.  My long-term goal is to identify and develop effective instructional techniques and lesson ideas for use with students who struggle with Math, and pursuing further graduate studies in a Doctorate in Education program.


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